bbPress Goes Gold

The big news today is bbPress 0.72 “Bix” has been released, the first officially released version of the blazingly fast forum software 2 years in the making. It includes some of the things WordPress has become well-known for, like spam protection, easy extensibility, and WP-like customization.

13 thoughts on “bbPress Goes Gold

  1. So Matt, what’s with you and 0.72 being the first major production version? WP really hit its stride with 0.72 as well. There’s a story here … right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. It’s just a little Easter egg for folks who remember the early days of WordPress. bbPress has a lot of parallels, except with the knowledge of past mistakes.

  3. congratulations matt for your success. i have always been a fan of bbPress and wordpress. You might want to check out my theme crystal for bbPress that i released apretty long back..

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