8 thoughts on “The Joy of Quiet

  1. Great quote.

    Especially the last remark.

    Most people associate Loud and Big to success, but that actually is the opposite.

    Great ones are the one who have control of their own minds not others.

    Try focusing on your own breathing for one lousy minute and see if you can stay on it to the full spectrum.

    Just one minute.

  2. Ah, solitude. I agree with Pascal. One of my favorite quotes from Thoreau is, “I love to be alone. I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude”. BTW, many good quotes on the subject of solitude at quotegarden.com.

  3. I totally agree on that one. That is the key thing i try to tell people that come and see me. Take at least only 1 minute a day to stop and really really sit with yourself and more than likely you will find more calm start to happen in your own life… thanks for the quote. K

  4. Why all have to be so complex these days come to a place of rest, your own soul. Be still for a moment away into the peace of within a breath a way aahh !

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