7 thoughts on “In Davos

  1. Can’t help with Davos but you must take a day trip to Jungfrau:

    You can take a train up inside through the mountain to the 14k peak. An amazing feet of engineering (explained in detail on your trip up). It’s probably a full a day, but the journey there takes you through some beautiful spots along the way.


    For added drama watch the film North Face before you go – its about the dramatic climb of Eiger, a nearby peak you can see from Jungrfau, by four Germans in 1936 (http://seattletimes.com/html/movies/2010985360_mr05north.html)

    Also: they do hang gliding trips from nearby Interlaken. I signed up for it but had to cancel due to weather. Avenge me!

  2. Oh, I didn’t know you’re attending the WEF. Great to hear you like Switzerland!

    I live near Davos (Chur, the capitol city of Grisons) , so we could actually meet. Drop me a mail or a tweet @swissspidy if you’re interested :-)

    The Jungfrau, like Scott mentioned, is a little bit far away for a day trip, but definitely worth a trip before you leave.

  3. I am here as well, for street football world, a WEF social entrepreneur, and as LGT Venture Philanthropy iCats fellow, if you want to connect . . .

  4. Matt, my wife and I have a regular vacation spot not far from Davos and St. Moritz … the Fex valley close to Sils-Maria in southeastern Switzerland. No cars, no real tourism but super inns and food.

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