Interview, and Complementing Slack

I had a conversation with Tony Conrad at the StrictlyVC event in San Francisco last week, following a dizzyingly talented line-up of Chamath Palihapitiya and Steve Jurvetson.

Techcrunch has a good write-up with a number of the relevant quotes from the event. The only thing I’d like to respond to, because it wasn’t a direct quote, is the headline “Move Over Slack? Automattic Mulls Commercializing Its Own Internal Messaging Product.”

The first problem is the headline missed the obvious alliteration of “Mullenweg Mulls,” 😀but more importantly… Slack has become a really key tool for both Automattic and and anything we do with the evolution of P2 (some of which we already have running internally) will be complementary to Slack, not competitive with it.

Sometimes it seems like the longest days are those in between an Apple announcement and when the products are actually available. I’m looking forward to iOS 9, WatchOS 2, 6s+, Apple TV…