Amazing Dance

Incredible music (“Take Me To Church” by Hozier), incredible artist (the dancer, Sergei Polunin), and incredible photographer / director (David LaChapelle).

Tom Ford’s 15 Things

For the 15th anniversary of noted fashion designer Tom Ford made a list of 15 things that every man should have, which are as follow:

  1. A sense of humour.
  2. A daily read of a newspaper.
  3. A sport that you love and are good at.
  4. Tweezers.
  5. A good cologne that becomes a signature.
  6. A well cut dark suit.
  7. A pair of classic black lace up shoes.
  8. A smart blazer.
  9. The perfect pair of dark denim jeans.
  10. Lots of crisp white cotton shirts.
  11. Always new socks and underwear, throw away the old ones every 6 months.
  12. A classic tuxedo.
  13. A beautiful day watch with a metal band.
  14. The perfect sunglasses.
  15. Perfect teeth. If you don’t have them, save up and get them fixed.

A pretty good list, though I would replace the newspaper with Circa, and I must confess I’m not sure sure what #4 the tweezers are for.

Om also has Tom Ford’s 5 tips for a modern gentleman.

Seattle’s decision to throw the ball at the goal line with 20 seconds to go in last night’s Super Bowl was a costly one. But in the long run, it won’t be nearly as costly to the rest of the United States as the National Football League (NFL) itself.

Every year, the NFL rakes in around $9.5 billion in revenue. Its commissioner, Roger Goodell, meanwhile, has an annual salary of $44 million. And while those numbers might make sense for any big business, the NFL isn’t a business – not technically, at least.

According to the Public Law 89-800, it’s a 501(c)6 tax-exempt nonprofit. That’s right, a nonprofit. In other words, the NFL, one of the most lucrative organizations in all of sports, is subsidized by you and me the taxpayers.

From The Real NFL Scandal. If you’re curious, here’s a list of other notable 501(c)(6) organizations.