Monthly Archives: February 2003

Spring Break

Well technically spring break started for me yesterday at 2:30, but today is my first full day off. I’ve got some fun stuff planned for this week, but it’s a little difficult since it seems everyone has a different week off for spring break this year. I’m going to try and get all the work out of the way at the beginning of the week so the rest I can relax (and head out of town). The Jason Moran concert tonight and Sarah’s party should get it off to a nice start.

Three Down…

The beautiful Sarah has a new online home at Pacific Nights. It was a lot of fun setting everything up for her. More importantly, today is her birthday so go send her some love! For those wondering, the abstract header image is actually a picture of Sarah’s hair.


When did it get so cold??? I am cold to the point of desperation there. Now I know, some of you native (or born-again) Notherners are reading and thinking “42 degrees? Ha! That’s jogging weather!” and you are probably right. But how should I get warm? I’m not conditioned to deal with this.

Email Encoding

The Hiveware Email Encoder is quite nice, and it seems like it’s been updated to encode the email in a very strange way, but it works. What would be nice is to have a PHP function that would allow you to do this conversion on the fly, like <?php echo email_encode(''); ?> and it would echo out all that cool stuff. Someday…

No Longer Blue

I have a wonderful new black ink cartridge for my printer, so I no longer have to print things out in a dark blue and hope no one says anything. Ahhhh. Life is good, and today has been a very good day.