Monthly Archives: February 2003

Spring Break

Well technically spring break started for me yesterday at 2:30, but today is my first full day off. I’ve got some fun stuff planned for this week, but it’s a little difficult since it seems everyone has a different week off for spring break this year. I’m going to try and get all the work out of the way at the beginning of the week so the rest I can relax (and head out of town). The Jason Moran concert tonight and Sarah’s party should get it off to a nice start.

Three Down…

The beautiful Sarah has a new online home at Pacific Nights. It was a lot of fun setting everything up for her. More importantly, today is her birthday so go send her some love! For those wondering, the abstract header image is actually a picture of Sarah’s hair.


When did it get so cold??? I am cold to the point of desperation there. Now I know, some of you native (or born-again) Notherners are reading and thinking “42 degrees? Ha! That’s jogging weather!” and you are probably right. But how should I get warm? I’m not conditioned to deal with this.

Email Encoding

The Hiveware Email Encoder is quite nice, and it seems like it’s been updated to encode the email in a very strange way, but it works. What would be nice is to have a PHP function that would allow you to do this conversion on the fly, like <?php echo email_encode(''); ?> and it would echo out all that cool stuff. Someday…

No Longer Blue

I have a wonderful new black ink cartridge for my printer, so I no longer have to print things out in a dark blue and hope no one says anything. Ahhhh. Life is good, and today has been a very good day.

Greg Palast

Saw an interesting speech by Greg Palast today, in which he made a lot of very strong assertions about a number of issues, most notably of the 2000 presidential elections. He is not as much as a wack as I expected him to be going in, but I’m going to reserve further judgment until I read his new book, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. I did get to have a brief but informative conversation with him after everything about his time “undercover” with Milton Friedman and situation in Venezuela, which he called the most badly reported story since Vietnam. He seemed like a very nice guy, despite his inflammatory views and writing. Check out some of the articles on his site if you’d like more background.

Because They’re Watching

This is just post to let everyone know that you can now browse PhotoMatt securely. The secure site is functionally equivalent except it doesn’t display the Wanderlust code because it will pop an annoying error since it’s loading remotely. It uses a self-signed 1024 bit SSL certificate which will pop up as not being from a trusted authority the first time you visit but if you add it to your trusted certificates (usually just a button click away) it won’t bug you anymore. Why do this? Because I can.

This will appeal to exactly 2 people.

Just A Little More Volume

Texturize is coming quite nicely, except for trying to think of a better name. Many thanks to the Typo-L people who have been pushing it to the limits. For example, this (correctly curled) one below:

“‘Tis the ’70s that’s the era when ”em’un’s the ones’ was last uttered.”

A Little Curly

I’ve finally got it figured out. Put whatever text, html, whatever you want into this and if it breaks click the button. It works with things like the '70s (closing), 5'9" (prime marks), ``this stuff'', multi-paragraph quotes, and pretty much every other situation I could think of. It also doesn’t touch a thing in HTML tags or between code, kbd, or pre tags.

Just a Little Static

I’ve implemented a very crude caching system on the front page only. Due to increased traffic and my lack of time for a better solution at the moment, the front page will be updated every two minutes. All the other pages will remain as dynamic and random as always. If you don’t see your comment right away don’t worry, it’s there it just isn’t displaying just yet. Update: Nixed it, wasn’t worth it. I’ll just wait ’til Smarty is in the system.

Retiring Microsoft Executive

A retiring Microsoft executive said some pretty interesting things in his farewell letter. It sounds like not everyone is oblivious in the Evil Empire.

“Microsoft must survive and prosper by learning from the open-source software movement and by borrowing from and improving its techniques. Open-source software is as large and powerful a wave as the Internet was, and is rapidly accreting into a legitimate alternative to Windows. It can and should be harnessed.” Simply fighting open source through “litigation and proprietary protocols” is a strategy for failure, Stutz said.

“Microsoft is in agreement with much of the position that David has of the future. But Microsoft believes that breakthroughs will come mostly through commercial software companies, like Microsoft,” a company spokeswoman said.

I’m glad she said “like Microsoft” to clear things up, for a moment there I thought she might be talking about Oracle, Sun, or IBM.

Two Down

If you’re interested in a new read, Eli has a brand-spanking new blog, Oxy-Moron. We just got it set up yesterday so it’s still getting started, but I’m excited to see what he’s going to write about.

Why Houston?

It started this morning while on my way to meet with Eli (whose website is almost ready) there were about 30 people on horses at the place where I like to eat breakfast. I thought to myself, “Only in Houston.”

Fast forward to this afternoon as I’m trying to take a “shortcut” on Memorial, but instead I get stuck behind a trail ride going who knows where at 5 miles per hour. Whose bright idea was that?! Let’s put someone on a busy street in rush hour and see how much we can mess things up. Since when were horses even allowed on streets and such? Isn’t traffic bad enough? Bah. This is why people think in Houston we ride horses to school and have cattle. (I’m not making that up.)