Monthly Archives: March 2003


I was just browsing around Ryan’s pictures when this one caught my eye. Apparently it’s Jason’s iBook with what appears to be a picture of Derek and myself, and seeing it there is quite a bizarre experience. I’m guessing it’s EtherPEG, but that still raises the question of just who was looking at that image over the network? Mysteries abound.

BlogRolling Update

Major new look over at blogrolling headquarters. I really dislike the new interface, nothing is more annoying than dropdown option boxes when you’re trying to get something done. I hope Jason rethinks this and brings back the list of links that worked so well before.

Intro to PHP5

These slides are not only quite informative about some of the new features of PHP5, they are laugh out loud funny. Houston really needs a PHP user group; anyone else interested? Every month the meetup fizzles because of too few people.

Post-Gig Analysis

Today’s gig was painful in a way only a very special combination of lost music and missing people can make it. If it was a bad group I wouldn’t be so disappointed, but the group usually sounds a lot better than we did today. On the upside, there was free food afterward that was quite good, and I was asked to participate in a much nicer group starting next year when they have an opening in the sax section, and I’m very excited about that. That in addition to being in the UH jazz band should fill the musical void that’s been in my life this year. Time to shed!

Send What?

This is not a post about the war. They’re doing something just like this in Houston, and I heard on the radio today that the two items really wanted over there are baby wipes and beef jerky. Now think about this a second, and tell me why when we’re spending billions a day we can’t get the fine men and women risking their lives for us some freaking baby wipes? Third party groups have to beg us for money for support operations when we already give gads of money to the government for the very same purpose? I’m sure there’s a good reason, I just don’t know what it is.

Gig Tomorrow

I’m going to be playing a big band gig on the Kemah Boardwalk tomorrow, Sunday, at 2 PM. Okay the gig is actually at University of Houston Downtown, and it’s going to be with the amazing pianist who won the Great American Piano Competition last year, Deanna Witkowski. There is more information here. I’m going to be playing lead alto and I have a couple of solos and we might do one of my features this week. I’m performing a lot less this year, but next year my schedule will be as such to allow me to participate in more groups with hopefully more performances like this.