Monthly Archives: July 2004


Just saw the Manchurian Candidate and it was really excellent. The end got away from me though. Does anyone know what happened there?


MediaWiki looks pretty amazing, and I think it will be replacing phpWiki for my personal use and for WordPress. There is a lot that can be learned from their extensive history and documentation of the development of the Mediawiki project. This is open source at its best.

On 1.3

I’m running the latest nightly build of WordPress 1.3 now. Living on the edge! Seems to be working well, and it’s a good stress-test of the system.

Meet the Press

Met with the charming Cathy Matusow from the Houston Press earlier today and we chatted for a while about blogs and blogging and blogbloginess. We’re going to meet again this Saturday to talk some more, and maybe even set her up a blog. Yesterday I talked with Farhad from for a good while, but that chat was a lot more technical, things like comment spam, emergent communities, and business-oriented topics. Farhad asked some very challenging questions that I had lots of thoughts on but my replies were scattered, so I’m not sure if I communicated what I wanted to say.