Monthly Archives: August 2004

New Mac Toys

On Michael’s recommendation and a few other favorable reports I looped by the Apple store today and picked up an iCurve and Apple bluetooth wireless keyboard. So far I’m loving the iCurve and getting used to the keyboard. I’m doing an unusual amount of typing these days so I should be able to give the keyboard a good test. Contrary to popular reports, the keyboard does have more than one button.

Mark Cuban on HD

Mark Cuban on HDTV, DVD, Hard Drives and the future. Great read, I didn’t know that the HD content they film is higher quality than what they broadcast. I’ve gotten the full HD experience once at a friend’s house who had one of those giant 6 foot TVs and it was amazing, we watched golf and the nature channel or something. The junk they show on the TVs at the stores does not do HD justice at all. Cuban also thinks HD is the answer to piracy, contrast to this interview with Jack Valentini on Engadget.

Between the Lines

Between the Lines, the ZDnet WordPress blog, is the single biggest blog referrer to This is your friendly reminder that it’s the end of the month so check out all your stats. (And pay your bills!) Another tidbit: 55% of’s visitors use non-IE browsers. This is definitely a trend.

Hello Rajesh

To Rajesh Kumar who has been sending me emails about WordPress: I have replied several times, but my replies always immediately bounce back with this error: 500 Internal Server Error: initialization failed.

MX900 on OS X

I could not be happier, I finally got my MX900 bluetooth mouse working correctly on Mac OS X. To clarify, it always worked but I had 5 buttons that were just there for decoration, and I really missed the back and forward buttons. The magic application that made my day? Gamepad Companion. I tried a couple of others, including the awful Logitech software, and nothing even came close to working. For future reference here are the button assignments on the mouse as shown in the interface:

  1. Left button
  2. Right button
  3. Wheel button (press down on wheel)
  4. Side back arrow button
  5. Side front arrow button
  6. Switch window button (below wheel)
  7. Up scroll (above wheel)
  8. Down scroll (below wheel)

The only thing that would make it perfect is if I could make the wheel button a double-click.