Monthly Archives: September 2004

OS X Loves Memory

Thanks to the fine people at Buffalo Technology my Powerbook is now equipped with the maximum 1.25 GB of memory. The difference is amazing, like night and day. My efforts to completely switch my everyday tasks to the Mac have been hindered by the lower screen resolution of the 12″ and the sluggish performance. The screen size has pretty much become a non-issue with some monitors I inherited and Synergy, I assumed the performance problems were due to it just having a slower processor, but all my Mac friends assured me that OS X just needed memory to breathe. They were right. I want to open every program on the system just to watch it.

Contact Spam

My contact form, which sends mail to a whitelisted address so I don’t miss any messages, is getting absolutely hammered by spambots. They’re not hitting my comments and the contact form is something I wrote from scratch, but it has received over 200 spams in the past hour. The more they do stupid stuff like this the more data I have to block them in the future.

Blogger Endorses Firefox

Just got this in my forgot-my-username-and-password email from Blogger, “You could also try logging in/recovering your password from a different web browser – we recommend Mozilla Firefox: Sincerely, The Blogger Team.” Very nice, but if they had recommended “gbrowser” then I would’ve had a real scoop. Also, they have a really great website. I don’t know how much is Adaptive Path magic and how much is in-house, but the result is a pleasure to use.