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My things are finally here. Thankfully the movers were pretty good, I’d heard some horror stories from people that had me anxious. The Comcast guy gets here tomorrow, and then I should be able to really settle in at home. Things I missed most: bed/pillows/blankets, camera battery charger, shoes, and vanilla candles.

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egads! you went for more than a week without vanilla candles? that’s harsher than no pillows, knowing you!@@
glad to hear that your stuff finally arrived. now.. pictures!!!

Vanilla candles.. yes, most essential. 🙂

Apple pie.. don’t ever get me started on the true goodness, of the humble apple pie..

It is a good sign that you’re new place feel’s like “home”. A good omen. 🙂

Wait, you didn’t bring your *shoes* with you? How many pairs do you have? Smart of you to include vanilla candles in the list to throw people off your Imelda Marcos tendencies 😉

Seriously though, congrats on the move. Hope we can meet up again some time!

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