Aguas de Marco

Aguas de Marco, the Waters of March, by Antonio Carlos Jobim. If you don’t let the flute/whistle in the middle bug you it’s quite enjoyable, their voices flow so smoothly.

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Hi Matt, finally I can contribute. I’m always here learning and today I can share.

There are 2 guys singing. Tom Jobim and Elis Regina. So, if you’d like, I have a lot of mp3 from Tom Jobim, Elis Regina, Chico Buarque and other brazilian musicians.

Just let me know.


Really nice song, but it kinda made me laugh because I had heard it before on an episode of Sea Lad 2021 and I just remember the 2 cartoon characters singing. 🙂

I listen to this music since I was a child, as many brazilians do. There are many good brazilians singers, as Gean told above. I can add to that list Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil, but they aren’t exctly from bossa nova. You can look for some good pagode, which resambles both bossa nova and samba, from Martinho da Vila and Zeca Pagodinho. There are so many good music in Brazil, that one more time I can be proud of my country =)

I first heard this song on a cartoon from [adult swim] called Sealab 2021 and totally fell in love with it. Of course they didnt have the name of it on the website and i havent seen it since, so i decided to find it on my own. Great song!

I think Aguas de Marco is absolutely brilliant. Not only is it so beautiful and natural sounding, expressing thoughts and emotions so clearly, but the musical structure if it is mind boggling. Jobim’s a genius. So much of his stuff is like that.

I absolutely LOVE this song. Thank you for the link, it is so HARD to find on the internet.

Muchas gracias solo puedo decirles que necesitaba esta canción para equilibrame por la paz que da. Gracias.
Thank you only can said that I need so much this song for balance in me this song give me peace. Thank You

I love elis regina’s voice, also her daughter’s (maria rita). i think the middle part sounds like it has an out of tune piano, it’s a nice touch

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