Monthly Archives: January 2005

No Spam

By the way, I’ve deactivated all of the spam plugins I was using and I’m relying on just the new measures built-in to WordPress 1.5. So far it’s been going very well.

Apple Announcements

Well the Shuffle and mini look pretty rocking, and both seem absolutely something I’d want to by. The Shuffle fits my listening habits pretty well and the mini looks like it could make a pretty swank gateway server for my living room. (I have a big beige box running Gentoo in there now.) Hook up two big external drives and you’re good to go. In other news, the official Apple WordPress Student blog has been pretty busy lately. When the story about it first broke there wasn’t a whole lot of content up there, but now it has filled out nicely.

New PunBB

PunBB is the forum software I recommend most people use, and they just released a new version. They are, as far as I know, only the second system to release a table-less thread view. (The first being They took a different approach than I did, and if you view the source it’s actually pretty heavy markup, but this is putting valid forums into the hands of many more people. Looks like an excellent release. Hat tip: Alex.


Videora is like podcasting for video, using Bit-Torrent. Om just interviewed the creator of it. What I think is neat is it works without needing a special element (like <enclosure>) in the RSS, which incidentally means it works with non-RSS2.0 syndication formats as well. It doesn’t need any new formats, and works today. This is how I think other aggregators that support rich media will evolve, it’s podcasting without the hassle on the publisher end.

The Weather

It is definitely a stay-at-home and drink-hot-chocolate kind of day here in San Francisco. And I’m totally okay with that. Now if only I could get the 64-bit Windows installation disk to recognize my SATA controller, life would be good. I’m not a fan of Linux for desktop usage yet (I’ve tried it about once a year for 4+ years now) but I might be pushed in that direction, ironically, because of better hardware compatibility. This might be easier if I had a non-USB floppy drive, but I’m not inclined to go out in this weather just to get one.

Windows AntiSpyware

To download the new Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) software you need to verify that you’re a customer “running genuine Microsoft Windows.” I’m pretty sure mine is legit, at least the guy on Market street said it was. Of course on the confirmation page, it seems you can get by their million-dollar verification system by choosing “No, do not validate Windows at this time, but take me to the download.” Hat tip: Robert Scoble.

Livejournal and Xanga

LivePress is “a Live Journal compatibility and synchronization plugin. It is designed to let WordPress users continue to use their Live Journal accounts with minimal hassle. It adds support for moods, music, synching posts between WordPress and Live Journal accounts and implements the lj-user and lj-cut tags in WordPress.” Then there’s Croissanga, which provides similar functionality for Xanga, another journaling site with millions of users that is frequently overlooked. Hat tip: Wordlog.