Monthly Archives: January 2005

Synchronize Bookmarks

I’ve rediscovered the Firefox Bookmark Synchronizer and it really rocks. I’ve got it to save on close and reload on open so all of the computers I regularly browse on will always have the latest and greatest and greatest bookmarks. I can use bookmarks for cross-computer notes and to-read lists now, too. Another killer app for Firefox. Update: Link updated, should work now.

It’s Not RSS

New formats called RSS that don’t work with anything else, specifically referring (I assume) to the “RSS 1.1” effort. (Where RSS stands for RDF Site Summary.) The name of RDF Site Summary is a mistake in the first place, they should take this new development effort as a chance to correct it. (Also, publishers are getting tired of supporting the format du jour. Maybe it’s “easy” for aggregators to support the latest permutation, but the last thing I want to do is bloat WordPress with support for Yet Another syndication format. Four is enough.)