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Matt makes a rather cryptic post about invites. So how do I get one? Surely having 20+ posts in the WordPress category on this blog helps? And having a WPMU blog or two?…

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s a mechanism similar to GMail invites. With spam blogs being endemic, one needs to gain control over who creates can blogs, as well as how many. It is a novel idea, in my humble opinion, which can result in a highly-reputed network of blogs. It would attract the best bloggers from junk networks (I will not mention names).

My hunch is that will be a subscription system, ala TypePad. I kinda hope I’m wrong though, that’s soo boring (and useless to moi). I hope it’s something cooler.

Well, WP has been one of the best things that’s ever happened to me, so I’ll follow any project related to it to the ends of the internet. I’m jazzed to see what Matt’s got cooking.

Why should we sign up without having a clue as to what for?

I keep asking myself the same thing…but I still think it’s blog hosting (I signed anyway as I still don’t have a host…).

I don’t really want to get an invite, I guess. I’d rather see a working version of the WordPress Multi-User package that it’s running. And install it for my friends on my server.

The new look for is very nice and now it is certainly obvious that it is a host for free WordPress blogs. I once again plead with the Mattmeister for an invite.

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