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Get Into Google Blog Search

Want to get into Google’s new blog search? “The easiest way to do this is via pingomatic, which can ping more than a dozen popular pingservers, according to Goldman.” Thanks Jason! Read more…

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Google seems to have found me very well… Just for fun, I went to the new google blog search, and typed in the word “speedskating” as that is the (very small) sport that is the primary focus of my blog.. what a moment!!!, I discovered that an interview I did with an Olympic medalist (and friend) was #1 result, and also there were plenty of links on the first page pointed at me… sometimes it stinks to be in such a small sport, but at other times, like when the poker sites & other spammers don’t even THINK of you as a target worth keyword spamming.. its kinda nice…

I’m pretty well indexed by GBS, but I’ve noticed that they are having a tough time getting their results to weight towards relevance. In a number of searches, GBS returns several pages of results that often don’t even match well to the term… In my estimation, Google still has a bit of work to do before their blog search is prime time.

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