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Blogebrity Interview

I did an interview with “Blogebrity” the other day covering a pretty wide range of topics from CNET to splogs, and a little bit of Akismet at the end.

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[…] interviewed Matt about him leaving CNET, WordPress dot org and com, jazz, and Akismet. ” […] WordPress is definitely the main focus […] The dot-org needs some lovin’,been working for the past few months on a redesign that I’ve started coding up this week, it’ll integrate the different community elements of the site better and also make it easier forto understand what the heck it is. The dot-com is obviously just a placeholder design, that’ll probably also get a revamp in the next month or so […] ” After Matt leaving CNETsensing some movement over at WordPress development. Am I right? We’ll see:)   #     […]

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