Monthly Archives: December 2005

WP2 Thoughts

WordPress 2.0 “Duke” is available! Like 1.5 when it first came out I expect it will take a few months before the full implications of this release are realized. There are some surface changes (see 5 little things I like about WP 2.0) that still need some polish in places, but I think the underlying architectual changes are really rock solid. Interface changes are easy to iterate on in future versions. also has a rocking new design from Matt Thomas, and there will be some more action there in the coming months.

In Cincinnati

I’m in the Cincinnati airport, and they just announced an emergency. All of the stores have closed and the halls are empty, everyone has proceeded to the nearest exit. Except the people around me. I’m on a flight to New York, and apparently the blinking lights and alarms don’t don’t phase these folks. The desk attendent just announced they’re boarding zones 2 and 3. Okay, they just announced my zone, see you guys on the flip side. Update from Blacberry: Right after I got on the plane they made all those jaded New Yorkers evacuate like everyone else and they’ve stopped people from boarding the plane. Update 2: They seem to have fixed things and people are boarding again. I wonder what the problem was.

Back Online

Sorry to folks that have had trouble getting to the site or sending me email the past few days, the server that hosts and (and nothing else) has been down more often than up, and emails are coming in days late. They replaced the RAM which seems to have been the source of the problem. Now I just need to find someplace in NY with universal chargers so I can get my cells working again and I will be back connected to the civilized world. Update: Since the RAM replacement everything has been rock solid again. Knock on wood.

No Guinness

Been in Ireland since Saturday, and it couldn’t be better. What a lovely country with lovely people. One thing I’ve noticed, at least here in the “real capital” Cork, that “Guinness is for tourists.” Everyone here drinks Murphy’s. Anyway, back to work with Donncha on some goodies.