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Stephen Steele (is that a real name?) just wrote in that the new Yahoo Mail updates blog is on WordPress. As far as I know this is the first official Yahoo blog on WP I’ve seen. What makes it really interesting is it’s the first time I’ve seen third-party software (like WordPress) on the domain. You’ll notice every time they’ve done blogs before it’s been on a different domain like or, I imagine because of the incredibly strict security requirements anything with access to cookies must meet. This is very exciting news. 🙂

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[…] Yahoo! Mail Update blog is running on WordPress. While I don’t know what’s the point here, I know this is an interesting move. Perhaps Matt can tell us better about why this move is very exciting. Afterall he is the WordPress guy 🙂 I say if there are more and more people and companies using and switching to WordPress as their blog engine, then there must’ve been something good in it, right? […]

Oh good – I suppose this is the price (see what I did there?) of free software – anyone can use it no matter how unethical they are, no matter how many oppressive regimes they help to imprison journalists.

Awesome. I don’t know what else to say than these are very great news :). The only way to actually notice is by looking at the source, though:

Which is too bad (I hope it’ll show up this way :S)

Oh yeah, and the fact that it seems to be a heavily modified “Pool” theme, judging by the favicon.ico

By the previous comment, I was stating that it can be seen in the meta generator field.

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Matt:It’s not a requirement in WP (or any free software) to link, I generally don’t worry about it if they don’t.

Yeah, but I wouldn’t have been able to tell if I hadn’t seen it here 😉

I posted a nice yahoo mail group post gently weaving in a pat on the back to them for using wordpress. Has to be moderator approved though. This really says a lot about how reliable it is, doesn’t it. Kudos.

Hasta Yahoo usa WordPress en sus blogs

El Yahoo! Mail Update Blog está corriendo en WordPress 1.5.
Es un blog de Yahoo! dedicado a informar acerca de las actualizaciones y nuevas funcionalidades de su servicio de correo electrónico y claramente ha puesto a Matt, el creador de WP, muy fe…

in the end i keep wondering why ppl keep purchasing a very expensive weblogtool as expression engine when there’s a better tool ever which is Word Press!

Boja, you should contact the webmaster, i’d do if i was you lol heheh! j/k

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