Monthly Archives: May 2006

Web2 Spam

Nick Bradbury says “Any new Web 2.0 company that hasn’t considered the spam problem automatically isn’t worth my time.” I forget who said it, but my favorite definition of social software is “things that get spammed.”


Khaled has drawn back the curtain on Shuttle. It’s a fantastic set of work by an exceptional group of people (Khaled, Michael Heilemann, Joen Asmussen, Chris J Davis, Joshua Sigar, Bryan Veloso). There are some pretty significant shifts in there so it’ll be integrated incrementally rather than overnight, and I also plan to test out things on first and watch usage to make sure none of our assumptions are too far off, but I think it’s safe to say that this is a pretty significant milestone for WordPress and we have some exciting months ahead of us. Everyone should thank the Shuttle team. (Note: There will be some ongoing design work as well, especially as new features are added to WordPress. If you’re a kick-ass designer who can juggle code as well as Photoshop, drop me a line.)

Back to Toronto

After just enough time to do my laundry and eat some BBQ, I’m heading back out to Toronto. My passport is packed! This time it’s for Canada’s Web 2.0 Mesh Conference, which looks to be pretty interesting (despite the Web 2.0 moniker). The folks I met last time were so great, I’ve really been looking forward to this trip. Update: An airline problem has me stranded in Philidelphia for the night, I’ll be arriving at the conference late tomorrow afternoon.

Trying Shangri-La

So I’m going to take a whack at this “Shangra-Li Diet” thing I’ve read about on several blogs, most notably here. I’m not having a weight crisis, but I think 5-10 pounds would put me in a healthier class for my height. I bought the book and read it this morning, it basically just repeats itself a lot and seems to have a lot of filler, but it may be useful to some folks as a motivator. You can get all the important details from various blogs. Mostly I’m interested in it to see if the mind hacking really works, and I’m willing to endure Glenda making fun of me about trying something out of a diet book for the sake of you guys ;). Apparently I don’t own any sugar, extra light olive oil, or a scale, but I’ll post updates as I get going. Update: The author has a WordPress blog.

Share Your OPML

Share Your OPML has relaunched and appears to be built on WordPress. This was one of my favorite services a few years back and was far ahead of its time. I still think moving OPML around is too hard, it would be nice to have some sort of OPML normalization service that could log into different accounts at places like WordPress, Bloglines, and Google reader, grab your file, auto-discover any feeds for entries that don’t have a xmlUrl, and merge everything together using the updated attribute. Hat tip: Niall and Johan.

Ireland Photos

I’ve been pretty behind on my photolog, but I’ve updated it now with pictures from my last trip in December and a couple of days from this trip. More photos to come! The pictures from Blarney Castle this time should be an interesting contrast, as in December the sky and weather was pretty chilly but yesterday we had beautiful and sunny weather.