Monthly Archives: February 2007

USPS and

Jim Amos just wrote in that Campbell-Ewald launched a new WordPress-powered site for the US Postal Service, called Deliver Magazine. Congrats to Jim and Naoko McCracken! Ryan noticed the other day that Nancy Pelosi has a WordPress blog at called The Gavel. Cool domain name, and good to see WP being used in the political realm, especially since none of the Presidential candidates for 2008 are using WP (yet). If you come across or instigate WordPress being used someplace cool, be sure to write in.

Small Handheld Recorder

I’ve gotten some great recommendations for podcasting equipment for when I’m at home, but because I spend so little time at home that’s not practical for 95% of the time when I’d want to be podcasting. Once I was interviewed by NPR and the lady had this awesome pocket thing with a fuzzy mic on the end, the sound quality was great on it. Does anyone have recommendation for something I could carry in my pocket that sounds better than what I use now?

Startup Essentials Update

Today I talked with Kevin Olsen from Sun’s Startup Essentials program a bit about what happened in our case. He said they were pretty overwhelmed with the few couple of weeks of inquiries, and it sounds like they’re doing them by hand. About 20% of their emails didn’t get through to applicants because they were caught in spam filters. (They’ve started calling and snail mailing to get around that.) Finally someone has mistyped the name of our company as Automatic instead of Automattic (two Ts) and a company that was older than 4 years had applied as “Automatic” and was rejected, and somehow our application got caught up in that.