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You can now become a WordPress fan on Facebook. I wonder how many FB users also use WordPress?

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I think the question is, how many people are savvy enough to use WordPress as their blogging platform without the need of using any of these social networks. Wasn’t it you Matt who said, the best place to find out about a particular person is their blog?

In my experience, almost every wordpress user I’ve met also has a facebook account (including myself). Therefore many FB users = WP users. And it’s worth saying to WP’s credit, you don’t have to be super savvy to use WP, and to me, that’s what makes WP so wonderful.

I wonder how many FB users are savvy enough to also use WordPress?

Is the implication that you believe that Facebook users are too dumb to use WordPress, or that WordPress is that much more difficult to use than Facebook?

Oh Matt, you didn’t just hate on FB users, did you? ‘Cause see, I’m a part of the set that uses both. [Admittedly, I’ve used WP longer, since I remember 0.72.]

There are people older than 23 on FB. πŸ˜‰

I see that rather than respond to the fact that he insulted a few million potential (and existing) WordPress users, Matt chose to quietly edit the post.

When you edit a post after publishing, wouldn’t it be “ethical” to point it out? Especially when not just fixing typos?

I am amused that

“I wonder how many FB users are savvy enough to also use WordPress?”

has now become

“I wonder how many FB users also use WordPress?”

I wouldn’t say I use Facebook, but I have an account there…so now I’m a fan of WordPress, too! (Coincidently enough, you can become a fan of Surpass Hosting, my webhost, on FB, too. There’s even a group to join. Go figure.)

Sorry I thought I had left a comment earlier but I didn’t hit submit. My wording was off, my intention was more what Cody was saying, not calling Facebook users dumb, as I’m one myself.

@Jeff, I wouldn’t say that anyone has to be savvy to use wordpress. I do wordpress and facebook. Facebook makes networking so much easier. I worry about the future of privacy in social networking sites, however.

I moderately use FB to keep track of, and find, old friends. I think 95% of stuff on FB are useless, including a “WP Fan page”. I don’t see any point in it.

I am like “Ozh” where I use facebook “also known as CrackBook” to keep in touch with friends as I live in the High Arctic in Canada. I had a blog with MSN but was tired of their service so I found wordpress. I set it up on my server and away we go. WordPress is the best…. I can make it like I want it to be without some administrator telling me I can’t do that….

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