I’m going to be attending TEDMED this year. I think we’re at a crucial juncture for health, where in my lifetime we’ll look back at our treatments today with the same wonder as we have when contemplating medicine before the understanding of germs. I have a feeling TEDMED will be the best spot to get a glimpse of this future.

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Very good to see you going to another TED related event. is on here soon along with other Tedx events in Melbourne, Sydney, Osaka and so on. They are starting to spread like wordcamps 🙂 and trying out new ways formats.

BTW – very good to have you in NZ for wordcamp. Thanks again.

What if medicine and health-care do not coincide? Health & Care … I have a feeling the key to both is hidden in the past and lost in the future.

I didn’t know about this conference, I read the headlines of the lectures and I didn’t sense any hope… it seems like an entire existing branch of health-care (usually referred to as “alternative medicine”) is absent….

health is maintained (or neglected) every day of your life, medicine is something you (currently) meet only when something goes wrong… it’s just so opposite… oh well.

I will be looking forward to hearing your experience of this.

I’m jealous!

That looks like an amazing conference. If it’s anything like the TED conference it’s got to be.

I can’t wait to see the videos from the conference 🙂


My name is Phil Niles, and I too will be attending TEDMED. So, I figured I would give a quick hello, and say I look forward to meeting you in a little over a month!

– Phil Niles

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