Monthly Archives: April 2010

Ning to BuddyPress

JJJ at BuddyPress has some Helpful Resources for Ning Users. I’ve seen smaller startups rush to fill the space left by Ning’s announcement they’re getting out of their free tier, but honestly if a company with $120,000,000 in funding can’t figure that business out, I wouldn’t hitch my horse to a company with $5-6M. It’s better to get a $10/mo hosting account you know will be around forever and install BuddyPress and have complete and total control over your network, from the domain to the source code.

New York and Durham (Houston?)

Two reminders for upcoming appearances: This Saturday I’ll be presenting a 24-hour art collaboration with Evan Roth at Seven on Seven at the New Museum. On Monday I’ll be in Durham, North Carolina to speak at Duke University. If you’re interested in the latter, leave a comment and I’ll make sure you get the details. We don’t have a ton of room but I’d like readers to be able to attend. After that I’ll be in Houston briefly if anyone wants to do a meetup.

Back, Feeling Good

I’ve been offline (mostly) for the past week while at Tracker School and over the next few days I’ll be catching up on what happened while I was out. You guys were busy. 🙂 As I pulled into my garage after a long drive this song came on shuffle and I wanted to share it with you guys — Nina Simone’s Feeling Good:

Apple Ruins Easter?

How many people aren’t going home for Easter weekend because they want to get their iPad shipment on Saturday? 🙂 BTW we have an iPad-optimized WordPress app in for review, hopefully it makes the cut for launch.