WordPress at 15

This weekend, May 27, marks the 15th anniversary of the first release of WordPress. It is an understatement to say that I am immensely proud of what this global community has become, and what it has created. More than 30% of the top sites on the web are now powered by WordPress, I’m writing this in our next-generation editor Gutenberg, and every day I meet someone who is building something interesting on WordPress or pushing our shared project in bold new directions. If you can believe it, growth has actually been accelerating.

There’s so much: A group of high school students bands together to build a national movement on WordPress; a president builds the foundation for his own next chapter on WordPress; the current switches over; or when someone like Hajj Flemings brings thousands of small businesses onto the open web for the first time, with WordPress.

To celebrate #WP15, hundreds of local WordPress communities around the world will be throwing parties. Go here to find a meetup in your area.

I am thankful to Mike for helping make WordPress a reality, many dedicated folks in the years since, and to all of you who are dreaming up the next 15 years. 😄

Many in the open source world are like Moses in that they speak of the Promised Land but will never set foot there. If I spend the rest of my life working and we don’t reach almost all websites being powered by open source and the web being substantially open, I will die content because I already see younger generations picking up the banner.

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Love WordPress man, been using it for 8 years now! just got done building a new site in WordPress and Shopify… and in the end chose WordPress (I knew I would), it looks and functions exactly how I wanted

Congratulations Matt , Mike & Everyone at WP
Fantastic product, Intuitive design and constantly evolving, I am so so pleased Tim Ferriss recommended you guys, one o his best recommendations. Here’s to the next 15!

Thank you Matt and the entire community, is not an understatement to say that WordPress has improved my life and of my loved ones! Here is for another 15 years

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