Thunderbird Tags

It is pretty annoying tha the “tag” system in Thunderbird bears no relation to any tagging system implemented within the past four years. It is, at best, a non-folder-based categorization system, and doesn’t even have a particularly good UI for that. Thunderbird 2 also took away the views dropdown, which was an eminently useful feature, … Continue reading Thunderbird Tags

Comment Moderation Notifier

The WordPress Comment Moderation Notifier puts a little thing in your Windows mini-icon tray that let’s you know when you have a new comment, much like Outlook or Thunderbird do with email. Cool! Now we just need a Mac version, maybe using Growl? Update: There is now a Mac version.


I will be… at Blogher this weekend, live on the PHP Arch podcast on Friday, at WordCamp on August 5, speaking at BayCHI on August 8, going into a coma, at BarCamp Austin on August 26, and finally back to New York at the end of the month. I will probably not be spending enough … Continue reading Upcoming

TB Quickmove

James Lee sent me a link to TB Quickmove, an extension for Firefox Thunderbird which lets you move messages into folders with hotkeys, which is what I really really needed. I only wish I could map regular letters.

Favorite PHP Editor

Favorite PHP Editor, I realized again today that I have Dreamweaver open more than Thunderbird. It works, but it often feels clunky or like I’m fighting the program. I’m going to check out a few of the options from this thread.

Email Conclusions

Well I tried out everything, except Eudora which for some reason wouldn’t install, and I’m back to using Outlook Express, which in my opinion is simply the best IMAP email client out there currently. The application I’m going to start looking at closer is Outlook XP, because I think it does everything I want it … Continue reading Email Conclusions