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Call Me Speedy

Well the 512MB of DDR333 memory I ordered came in today, and so now I’m up to 768MB, which is quite nice. I feel like my applications can breath again. Even more importantly I upgraded the 900MHz processor that was in there on accident to a Athlon XP 1600, and it’s making a huge difference. My desktop is starting to feel like a real work environment again.

In other news, we’re going on 3 weeks since they took my laptop, and it’s really starting to get to me. I really could have used it to keep up with things these last few weeks, which incidentally have been my busiest in a long, long time. I had my next to last final today, and I was really ecstatic afterward. Knowing there is just one more (on Thursday) is a great feeling, and I can’t wait for summer to finally get started.

It’s going to be a summer of road trips, beaches, tans, jogging, and some very cool web stuff.