Photolog Back

Due to certain extenuating circumstances, I have fallen a little behind on the photos. But don’t despair: I didn’t stop taking photos, just stopped uploading them. If you check out the photolog now you’ll see that all the latest and greatest are up. Enjoy. I’m really looking forward to taking pictures over the holidays, but […]

Catching Up

Photolog lovers–I’m finally catching up with some of the pictures taken since 9-19! I’m going a little out of order, just because there are so many to do, but I think you’ll enjoy it. There are over two hundred pictures to add! Anyway give me some time; there will also be a lot of photos […]


Through Kymberlie I found a very cool photo contest at photojunkie that I’ve decided to enter. The theme of the contest is “Macro,” which is one of my favorite features on my camera. I have a ton of macro shots, so thinking of what to do was a challenge. The first thought that came to […]

Cloud Pictures

When I was young I would go on trips to exotic locations and come home with nothing but pictures of the clouds in various cities, states, countries. Looking back I would say that clouds are certainly a unifying aspect of global scenery. 9-4-2002–Going back to my roots. You can never have too many cloud pictures […]

Average Day

9-3-2002–Since this is the first day I’m back at school and have my camera I wanted to walk through the routine I’ve started to build up. Unfortunately since I was running a little late I didn’t really get an oppurtunity to take any pictures of my Human Situation discussion class, which is by far my […]


8-31-2002—even though summer is over now, in spirit if not in weather, I wanted to try and capture some of the things that symbolize summer to me: ants, grass, dirt, bushes, sun. Update: added about a dozen more photos from tonight. Interesting perspectives at the River Oaks shopping center, and some car logos, a new […]


Don’t get too excited, I still haven’t gotten the camera back, but today my photo crave was satisfied by the photo booth at 59 Diner on Shepard. The beautiful Sarah and Rebecca decided to grace the pictures as well. The only thing is it didn’t give any warning when it started, so the first picture […]


Jazz is a music in motion, that’s why I feel that the motion in the photos from last night’s gig exhibit a lot of motion. The longer exposure times necessitated by the low light created some interesting effects at times. The music was burning, as expected, and it was a very pleasant night overall.

Nice Night

I just had a very pleasant evening with friends at Diedrich’s (the usual) and 59 Diner, and the pictures are online. About halfway through the night, everyone started to try taking bad pictures of everyone else, and some were truly horrific ;). As a favor to everyone I’ve taken out the worst one for everybody. […]