Premium Gas

I had twittered about giving my car premium gas after it passed 100,000 miles, and Christian Montoya emailed me this note which I think you guys might find interesting: I just wanted to let you know that this is a dangerous thing! The difference between regular, plus and premium gas is the octane rating… 87, […]

30 Boxes

I’ve been really digging 30 Boxes, as reviewed by Mr Hawk here and Mr Malik here, I’m moving all of my calendaring (online and off) into it. They’re doing some neat stuff with profiles and sharing that I think will take people a while to fully grok. The only thing I think it needs is […]


A birthday surprise! The watch I had on came through and now the domain will start redirecting to as soon as the nameservers change over. Now people can stop asking me about that weird .org guy.

First American in 1924

Apparently Robert Cronk was the first American born in 1924 and is very proud of that fact. I got an email from him, presumably because of the genealogy site I admin: “In a cursory examination of your website, I notice, in addition to all the others born on January 1st, there are five specified as […]

Saddest Music

Jeffrey on the new Glassdog and the web. Happy ninth birthday. HTML wasn’t easy enough, and it isn’t getting any easier. Blogs aren’t anything special, they’re just a function of software that makes it easy to maintain content. Compare the usability of the top 3 blog packages with the top 3 “content management systems.” Blogging […]


I usually write entries in my head before I put my fingers to the keyboard. The problem with this is that the longer I go between entries, the more that I try to cram into my mental post and inevitably the more that’s lost. When you last left your Author he was gearing up for […]

In Austin

As of last night I have been happily in Austin, a much needed vacation and also a wonderful oppurtunity to visit my sister Charleen whose birthday is the driving reason for this visit. It’s interesting because we didn’t get along terribly well when we were both younger (and there were ten years between us) but […]

Oot and Aboot

Well I’ve spent most of my day taking care of cat mishaps, spring cleaning, and over here, and now it’s time to spring from my cave into the world, and a birthday party tonight is the perfect excuse. I’m supposed to be providing some music, so I better go so I won’t be late(r than […]

I Now Have… Pants

The weekend was a ton of fun, starting off with me barely recovered but going to Rene’s birthday party (which has pics up now), next day getting a Tungsten T and meeting some H-Town people (Kathy and Christine summarize nicely), and then taking an unexpected road trip on Sunday to Navasota and meeting my sister. […]

My Day in Photos

My day in photos: Alfred Hitchcock would cringe. Mmmm, texture. New do. I love the arrow. Flowers for my Mother’s birthday. Blue steel. Not pictured: my mid-term being delayed until Saturday, birthday dinner, evil Starbucks, rude and ageist salespeople, how wonderful this day was despite the occasional annoyance, and my funny elated look from being […]