The Countdown Begins

It looks like today is the 7th, which means it is a mere 4 days ’till my birthday. I will be turning a healthy 19 years old. At a loss for what to get? I have a wishlist available for those who may be curious. Now is also a perfect oppurtunity to plug Kymberlie’s neat […]

Catching Up

I’ve been basically totally preoccupied the past week, so I have a ton of catching up to do online. Most importantly Friday was Elaine’s birthday! Go send her some birthday love if you haven’t already. While your at it Kymberlie sounds like she had a wonderful anniversary, and that’s wonderful to hear. I finally got […]


Tonight myself and about 30 other local jazz musicians presented Kelly Dean with his belated 40th birthday present, an iPod. He’s really wanted one of these for the longest time and the look on his face when he got it was amazing. Things were put together relatively hastily, starting when he left for a 5 […]