WP BBQ in Memphis

For the third year now I’m over in Memphis for the World Championship of BBQ, joined by Otto, Nacin, Scott, and Rose. Last year due to flooding the festival was moved to a fairgrounds inland, but there’s nothing quite like being right on the Mississippi with the sweet aroma of pork all around you. (An aroma that, incidentally, follows you home in your clothes. :)) The team we sponsor, the Moody Ques, put together an impressive booth this year, which you can see coming up in the below timelapse:

The video doesn’t do justice to the delicious food being cooked inside, though, which you have to experience in person.

Wireless BBQ

I’m up in Austin to work with Andy for a few days on the new stats system for WP.com. He found this BBQ place (Pokey Joe’s) that offers free wifi with their brisket, and I think I’m in heaven. What more could you want?!

R.I.P Dean

Dean Allen, a web pioneer and good man, has passed away. I've been processing the news for a few days and still don't know where to begin. Dean was a writer, who wrote the software he wrote on. His websites were crafted, designed, and typeset so well you would have visited them even if they … Continue reading R.I.P Dean

A few super-hip folks (Automattic, Wall Street Journal, and HostGator) are hosting a WordPress party with open bar and all-you-can-eat BBQ on Friday night at SxSW (deets here) but it’s invite only and there’ll be a list at the door. (We can only feed so many people!) However I have 15 spaces to give away to Ma.tt readers, which will go to the first 15 people to comment with a link to an image of the WP logo in a cool place (Photoshop allowed) and your WP-powered blog.


About five minutes ago, the beeping stopped. I was in Texas last week for BBQ, clouds, and a wedding. At some point when I was gone, something in my house started beeping. When I arrived home there was a high-pitched chirp about every 45 seconds to a minute, coming from somewhere in the house. Generally … Continue reading Beeping

Texas Food

I’ve got a “Vote for Pedro” shirt on my chest and baby back ribs and Blue Bell ice cream in my stomach—life is good. I can’t believe how much I missed BBQ!

Day Zero

Yesterday was fun, got settled in and indulged myself a bit. Had some Korean BBQ, drove all over the city, walked on the beach and watched the waves and stars, geeked out for a little, and finally looped by Tantek’s. Another good but tiring day.


Spent some time with Kathy and Sarah tonight, what pleasant people. Any night with BBQ is a good night, but with company like that it’s even better.

WordPress Meetup

Wow, this is very exciting—a WordPress meetup! I was just browsing around came across this post on Blogging Pro saying that there is now a WordPress meetup on the fourth saturday of every month. The very first one is coming up on June 26th. Funnily enough though I don’t travel very often it looks like … Continue reading WordPress Meetup