Birthday at Thee Parkside

Did low-key drinks at a fun bar called Thee Parkside for birthday, always fun to see friends new and old. Experimenting with a new camera, the Sony NEX-7, though these blurry bar photos don’t really do it justice.

Matt is turning 28 I’m turning 28 next week on January 11th. My friends and family always complain that I’m impossible to buy for, and it’s true, I don’t need any more stuff. (Exception is a mixtape / playlist, I eat those up.) The most important luxuries in my life are time, friends, and time with friends. The thing I covet is impact. So this year going to try something different: I’m giving up my birthday to raise money for charity: water and provide clean water to people that need it. 100% of money donated goes directly to projects in the field. Please donate — let’s build some wells. 🙂