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Did it screw up? and let me know. If you want to know when it's fixed, put your email .

Further Info

You can get proper em or en dashes by typing ‘---’ (three hypens) or ‘--’, respectively. The following cases which previous caused an error have been fixed:

  1. "I offered to drive him to her flat, you know, but he became abusive and said, 'To hell with you, Drake!'" (Hat tip: Kent Lew)
  2. 1960's
  3. Now 'tis time for the '70's (Who writes like that?)
  4. "'Tis the '70s that's the era when ''em'un's the ones' was last uttered."
  5. "'Isn't it done?' he asked." (Hat tip: Curtis Clark)
  6. I've 'bout had 'nuff of this, goin' 'round 'n' 'round again. (Almost. Hat tip: )

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