2 thoughts on “dsc03413

  1. me: yeah, here’s the story:
    me: I saw this canyonero thing on the simpsons
    me: and then when I went to see Star Wars I was in the volvo and the traffic in the parking lot was so bad I wished I had an SUV to drive over the curb
    me: so tonight, I had the SUV, and I thought I’d make the best of a bad situation and drive the suburban over the curb
    me: but it didn’t work as well as I had anticipated
    me: and I was embarrassed
    matt: hahaha
    matt: i got a picture
    matt: the curb came off!
    matt: we had to take it out of the street
    me: no way
    me: that’s so bad
    me: seriously, it was the canyonero
    me: and the star wars thing
    me: this is so embarrassing
    matt: 🙂
    matt: it was funny!
    me: you have to post an explanation on the photomatt
    matt: don’t be embarrassed
    matt: okay, i will