10 thoughts on “dsc02224

  1. Hi,You looks so sexy and mysterious with Your glasses. I wear glasses myself and I love girls who wear them.You have nice, well choosen frames and fantastic minus leses. Ehat’s prescription of your glasses. Best wishes.Yeti

  2. Hi Sarah, you glasses are a WOW, you make our eye bulge at the thought we could sit beside you and chat looking at your lovely well chosen frames.I would say your RX is about – 12 to -13, who cares, I,m sure your very attractive and sexy looking in your glasses.

  3. Okay, people who are obsessed about Sarah’s glasses. CHILL. It’s creepy. She wears contacts mostly anyway.

  4. hi sarah, your glasses are nice and you look very well in those. very good choice of the frame, and indeed you say that “no one needs to say anything about your ‘coke-bottles’ ” I need to say you’re very attractive in them (and ever without)