One thought on “dsc03032

  1. Dude, a couple of awesome shots of the Church, but I seriously mean a couple out of about 20. But couldn’t you censor yourself a bit – throw out some of the worst duplicates? I almost didn’t make it through all of them, and I’m pretty stubborn. I mean a couple of blurry shorts might be artistic, but this many blurry shots is downright annoying. If the intention of this site is to show your a compulsive exhibitionist, cool, but if it is to show your work at its best, try a little self-censorship. At least tag the handful of half-decent shots that a wide audience would want to see with “Best” or something, or a lot of busy people who could get some real value from you will pass you by.

    Keep up (only) the >great< work 🙂 Eric