Matrix Reloaded

No spoilers here. I liked it, but several people I talked to either flat out didn’t or were on the fence. Not what I was expecting. Tek suggested elaborate preperations and such (contrast mine), but overall the showing I was at seemed pretty laid back. Theatres all over town had it, generally with at least one show starting every twenty minutes, and tickets were relatively plentiful. We got there early and they had already opened the theatre and were letting people choose the seat, overall the opening of X-2 seemed more crowded.

The truth is I really liked it, and after Tantek’s two day blackout (which I think is an excellent idea, and I hope it sets a precedent) I’ll be happy to discuss it with anyone who thought otherwise. What was really fun about the night though was hanging out with the gang of Joe, Kyle, and Rene. With Rene in Boston and Joe and Kyle busy with their senior year, plus my obligations, I didn’t really see much of them for a while. Hopefully this summer we’ll be able to catch up.

3 thoughts on “Matrix Reloaded

  1. 6.5-7 out of 10… Lacked the aesthetic grace of the original… also lacked in acting… and there was one particularly ridiculous scene… (yes… THAT one…) and a lot of gratutitous kung-fu (which I personally have no objection to)… On the whole, entertaining, but not breathtaking…
    until they leave you hanging at the end… GRRR

  2. I disagree with that ALL. :-p I think people who didn’t like the movie on basis of itself didn’t really get it, and should watch it again. Or not, but don’t complain about it.