Open Key Works

The OpenKey system works! I would link to all the old posts, but it’s very late and I’m very tired. Browse the categroy.

Long story shorter, my keys were locked in my car since yesterday, and it seems I had given a key to everone but the people I live with (sometimes called my family) so I couldn’t get in, but key holder Sarah W. (who will have a photolog soonish) drove over and opened the car for me, and all was good.

I’m thinking of starting a gallery of people with their key to collect all the pictures in one place (when I have many people their key it was with the stipulation that they take a picture with the key and send it to me) and also to test out some new WordPress photolog stuff. Soon.

Also, keys are sexy.

8 thoughts on “Open Key Works

  1. Ramie, Julie, this obviously has to be rectified.

    Michael, I had broken my categories at some point and didn’t notice. They should work now.

    Elissa! That is super sexy.

  2. I have my key handy at all times. However, I don’t have psychic powers to let me know that you need a car door unlocked.

    I’m still waiting for my certificate… 😉