It Feels So Good to be 3

A birthday present from Google: I have overtaken that other guy and I am now the #3 Matt in the world. Go look at it now, because Google can be a harsh mistress. If things continue to go well I might reach #1 and have to take down all my sites, like I promised.

For those of you commenting on the phantom ping from yesterday, I actually posted something and took it down. Don’t worry, a little editing and it’ll be back.

22 thoughts on “It Feels So Good to be 3

  1. wow!

    #3 out of 10 million (give or take 20,000) – very impressive.

    I wouldn’t say you are more or less deserving for that spot than ‘that other guy’, but you both definately deserve to rank so highly.

  2. now why would you take all your sites down if you reach #1? you can’t do that to your loyal fans and readers, Matt! that would absolutely kill me! 🙂

  3. >Hmmm. Too many Simon’s in the world for little old me to be so popular. Simon Willison gets right up there, but he is far more prolific than I.

    Be glad you’re not a Dave!

  4. I thank my parents every day I am not a Dave. 😉

    Simon, you have been reported to the apostrophe protection society. Be afraid.

    Sara, sorry for the blank ping, or more commonly refered to as bling. Bling is like “moose” in that its plural form is the same, so in the future you can say that has lots of bling.

    seriocomic, Kathy: thanks. 🙂

  5. He, he – it seems that I moved up in the Google ranks too – I am also at #3 for “Elaine”. But that’s not fair, there are far less Elaine’s than Matt’s so yours is a much greater accomplishment!

    As for bling, you can bling me anytime (just don’t tell my husband)…

  6. Mike Little: “Number two Mike in the world according to Google? Shurely shome mishtake!”

    When I first started my blog, I felt it was unrealistic to try and climb the Google ladder as “Mike” just because of how common a name it is. Cudos to you. At least I’m the #1 MikeyC 😉

  7. LOL! I’m #8 Lea to be on Google. Then again, that’s another not-very-common name. But pats on the back for being even in the top ten. Yes!

  8. Google’s description of “… January 16th, 2004 4:09 am; File under: Personal. A birthday present from Google: I have overtaken that other guy and I am now the #3 Matt in the world. … ”

    Hehe, you’ve already been indexed since you posted this 🙂

  9. Somehow, I’m numbers 7 (the blog) and 20 (the genealogy site). There’s a few others scattered in there, but they’re mostly due to you. On the upside, we’re number one on Mullenweg, and number 3 on Hageney. When we’re number one on Hill, I’ll be impressed 🙂 Love, C

  10. Haha, just had to post because I was going through the rest of your site and hadn’t hit the main page when I saw your comment about being #4. I clicked on the link and saw you had become #3. For some reason I got all excited about the prospect of letting you know that you had gained a spot. Oh well, you already figured it out on your own. Congratulations anyway!

    As a side note, I couldn’t even find myself under Thom, but I’m apparantly one and only indieb0i (all 12 Google links were references to me)!

  11. Ack, this is awful! I was #30 for “Adam” on Google last week, and now I’m not even in the top 100! :(. So I’m gonna have to start signing my blog comments “Adam” instead of “Adam Lasnik.” Or get everyone to Google bomb my sites under my name.

    Okay, yeah, that’s not a very hip or exciting GoogleBomb. Bummer.

  12. Adam, you can still sign your comments with your full name, as long as “Adam” is a distinct word in the link you still get the Google-juice.