Let’s Be Honest

My honest opinion: Scrivs, we get it, you’re controversial. It’s a good way to get links, but use it too often and you become the designer who cried wolf and people start to tune out. Critiques are good, but there’s a difference between ranting, constructive criticism, and stop energy. Criticism between friends is usually just that, between friends. It takes on a whole new dimension when it’s in the public eye.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Be Honest

  1. I agree that there is no point in going around critiquing everyone and that was not the point of the entry. Hell, I learned from my Zeldman Critique that some people just don’t like the public kind that much and I understood so I changed my methods. The point was how everyone likes to give high fives for no apparent reason. Guess I was just looking for justification on why some people act like mindless zombies when posting on their sites. To think that I write something like this just to get links humors me because that is the mentality that destroys many bloggers. For some reason this just happened to be the topic that was on my mind for today.

    You can ask Jarrod how I spoke with him about the entry earlier today and how I was hesitant to publish it simply because I knew it would draw a defining line on whether or not people like me or hate me. We have talk on IM a couple of times and you see how I am. I think what is sad and what really sucks is that an entry like this would even be seen as controversial.

    And hey you posted your honest opinion and that is what I think is needed more often so maybe my post was worth it šŸ™‚ Besides I am sure more than enough people have tuned out my ranting šŸ˜›