2 thoughts on “Bookmark Sync

  1. I haven’t tried this version since FF0.9 came out but in previous versions, it had its downfalls: it uploads fine, but when it downloads it deletes all your local bookmarks and recreates them from the XML downloaded from the server. Either way, a great tool is the open source BookmarkSync available at Sourceforge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/bookmarksync/

    It used to be a closed source software that I used but after a server crash losing all their data, they decided to go open source.

  2. I have been using BookmarkSync for over a year with no problems but since I installed Firefox 0.9 and up it no longer syncs with Firefox. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Does anyone know a workaround? Please help. FYI: I am using the bookmarksink.com implementation