Broken Kode

WordPress, I LOVE YOU. Interesting post, but rambles a little bit and has two inaccuracies. Textpattern is under an open source license now. b2evo can import from MT. I like the name of his category, “Cerebral Interviews.”

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Hey guys,, just happened to see this link, seriously is the site slow in loading? Man I might have to try and sort out my actual hosting, damn that’s really rubbish, but Textpattern isn’t completely open source as it’s got something of a hybrid. Still ‘owned’ by one guy, who has something to say when textpattern is used in a commercial setting…that’s not my understanding of open source at all….unless he’s changed it recently. Thanks for the mention Matt, well flattered, but yeah I do ramble 🙂

Well I’m pretty flattered I got mentioned by Matt. For those in the dark, Matt’s the founding developer of WordPress, so for me it’s cool. Don’t have a clue how he got the url for the site, but there you.

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