It’s Over

An address that has never been on the web in text or javascript form has begun receiving large amounts of spam, starting a few days ago. This is not a dictionary attack, it is specifically targetted toward this single address. The address is not guessable or a dictionary word. Luckily the address is disposable.

The only form this address has ever been online is in a PNG screenshot I posted about a year ago.

5 thoughts on “It’s Over

  1. Seriously, what’s the point in spam? I’ve never heard of anyone actually buying anything advertised in a spam email, so why do they do it? Annoying people is certainly a lousy way to market a product.

  2. I had this happen a couple of months ago with a similar setup on my site. I’m starting to wonder if there’s some type of industry going on to capture “spam proof” imaged email addresses similar to the porn blogspammers that are hiring people to scan Captchas.

  3. Have you used the address to send mail to other people? Viruses steal addresses out of other people’s mail spools and distribute them by sending messages forged “from” the victim. If a spammer controls a “hot” email for viruses — I’ve got one, I got 50,000 copies of MYDOOM a day during the last big attack — a spammer can collect thousands and thousands of addresses that way.