Saddest Music

Jeffrey on the new Glassdog and the web. Happy ninth birthday. HTML wasn’t easy enough, and it isn’t getting any easier. Blogs aren’t anything special, they’re just a function of software that makes it easy to maintain content. Compare the usability of the top 3 blog packages with the top 3 “content management systems.” Blogging software is the simplest mechanism for “In-depth explorations of every imaginable topic.” That’s the revolution.

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Stasis and Synchronicity
Jeffrey Zeldman wrote today about Glassdog’s transformation from an "experimental narrative powerhouse" to a mere blog. Under the provocative title The saddest music in the world, Zeldman’s piece was a reflection on how The Web has not live…

I’m wondering, should this be read with a dose of irony? Is he just continuing the idea in the piece he pointed to and turning it around on itself, rather than really being a poignant sigh of regret? Hm.

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