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Load all your mail into Gmail, at a rate of 30 messages per minute. I don’t want to think about how long this would take for me. Hat tip: Carthik.

10 thoughts on “Stuff Gmail

  1. Mark Pilgrim uses IMAP, but every couple months he downloads all his messages via POP and archives them for backup. I like this approach. I also think that if there were a way to do this with GMail — incrementally, like every month, as compared to the Herculean task of trying to shove all email you’ve ever received into GMail at once — I’d be very excited.

    How many casual computer users actually have e-mail they received several years ago? Not many, and it’s often because they weren’t using e-mail several years ago. But in this coming years this is going to get more and more important. Someone’s going to have to figure out a way to make e-mail archival much easier than it is now.

  2. Andrew, for me that wouldn’t work because the whole point of IMAP for me is having all my email accessible from anywhere.

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