5 thoughts on “Webmonkey

  1. No.

    However, that is the most immortal monkey I have ever seen.

    I do believe one must stab it with a wooden stake to keep it from regenerating.

    And they said wood was obsolete!

  2. My feelings are the same, I really never took use to WebMonkey and frankly now that I’ve gone there and read a few articles, will most likely never return there either.

  3. I think that the idea of it being back is more important than it actually being back. They haven’t had many useful articles since 1999 or so, but they were so important in the Early Days (TM) that it feels good to have them still around. Never did warm up to the most recent redesign, though.

  4. I’m with Pete on this. Webmonkey was essential to getting me started on HTML and JavaScript back in the day, but I haven’t seen anything of interest on their site in a very long time.