Free SuSE

Novell is giving away copies of SuSE Pro. Step 3: Profit!!! Hat tip: dented21 in #wordpress.

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Viewed the signup page, went to read more about SuSe, went back to signup page, “Server cannot be found”. Your linking to them took them down that quickly?! :p

I’m happy with Fedora but I’m always open to freebies of such awesome power! Nice find, thanks 😀

Free SUSE!
Thanks to some lovely blogs, I sent my details to Novell, and they’re sending me some free SUSE DVDs!!

Here’s what I’ll be getting:
Thank you for ordering the Linux Technical Resource Kit from the Novell Customer Communities. Your order has been…

SuSe Linux Enterprise Server!
Ok, I received my SuSe Linux Resource Kit ysterday afternoon. Thanks to Matt for sharing the info that Novell was giving away free copies of SuSe Linux Pro. I placed an order(now closed) & have received 3 DVDs which contain SuSe Linux Professional 9.1,…