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Jeremy’s comment policy, #4 (don’t provide a URI to a non-weblog site) site is something that has always bugged me but I’ve never pinned down. I’ve had a fellow weblogger comment with his URI as his business site instead of his weblog before, presumably to help generate inbound links. Generally in these cases I nuke the URI but leave the comment.

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I’ll usually use my MetaGrrrl URL and email, because I’m usually posting as personal-life-me-Dinah, but it’s conceivable that I might wish to make a comment as my professional self, in which case I would use a work one. It’s not necessarily trolling for pagerank; it’s another aspect of conveying mood. Online we’re missing tone of voice and clothing; we use the tools we have.

Comment policies and online identities
Matt starts off with Jeremy’s newly posted comment policies. Jeremy says that he nukes all comments that for which the author’s URL is a link to a non-weblog site. Matt appears to more lenient by allowing the URL to…

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