Life Hacks Video

Anyone have a copy of Danny O’Brien’s Life Hacks video from NotCon? (Update: The video is now online. I’m downloading it now.)

6 thoughts on “Life Hacks Video

  1. I wish! I tried hacking around with the URLs on the mirrors but it looks like it’s been completely vanished from the web. I wonder why he asked for it to be removed? Maybe he’s got an O’Reilly book deal in the works or something…

  2. I tried the URI hacking method too. Can’t find a lick of it anywhere. One of the mirrors seems to be running WordPress though for their blog, maybe I could send that chap an email.

  3. Yeah, sorry about that. I was hoping to put up the LayerOne version of the talk up first, because it’s got a fair bit of stuff that I didn’t include in the NotCon talk (plus I was going for gags more at NotCon). But given that won’t be for another couple of weeks, and the NotCon talk looks fine, I’m not bothered.