Meet the Press

Met with the charming Cathy Matusow from the Houston Press earlier today and we chatted for a while about blogs and blogging and blogbloginess. We’re going to meet again this Saturday to talk some more, and maybe even set her up a blog. Yesterday I talked with Farhad from for a good while, but that chat was a lot more technical, things like comment spam, emergent communities, and business-oriented topics. Farhad asked some very challenging questions that I had lots of thoughts on but my replies were scattered, so I’m not sure if I communicated what I wanted to say.

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I enjoyed talking to her too – and she may even show up at Tiara Happy Hour! I’m glad she is going to set up a blog. She had told me she was interested… we’ve sucked in another hapless soul! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

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