New Feedster

The new Feedster is out and seems to be a world better in terms of speed and reliability. The new system is certainly influenced by Technorati (or is it vice versa? I don’t know.) in everything from “claiming” blogs down to the waiting image. They’ve got some neat services. You can read Scott’s entry on the launch, complete with a picture of a cat. Looks good, but that is the most horrid permalink I have ever seen on a blog. Is that s9y default? Update: And thank goodness they took the beta label off! I hope this is a trend. Update 2: It doesn’t play with IE 5 Mac though.

2 thoughts on “New Feedster

  1. Yep. That seems to be the serendipity default. And its bloody well awful. I’d actually describe it as an offense against nature, motherhood and apple pie.

    Not even remotely as nice as WordPress….

    Note to Self: Write a Serendipity to WordPress import filter.