Revised Ad Policy

If you have left a comment on this site before, you should no longer be seeing the Google ads.

7 thoughts on “Revised Ad Policy

  1. It wouldn’t be too hard to set a threshold, like “show ads to everyone who has left fewer than 4 comments” or similar, but I’m not that concerned about it. We’ll see how this goes, I may bring them back universally at some point.

  2. I, for one, think you should bring them back. When I visit a site that I like, I like to support it by visiting an ad that interests me. I especially like AdSense because it can be worked into the site’s design so well.

    Alternatively, you could put a checkbox in the comment form that lets the user decide. Or maybe a tiny link that shows up next to ads for people who have left a comment that says (turn off ads).

  3. I could do some work trying to figure this out, but it’s easier to just ask. I can think of two ways this could work. You store a cookie when someone adds a comment. This solution would be reset for those of us who like to clear out the cache, cookies, and form information quite a bit. The other possible solution is checking your wordpress database to see if the IP address of a user has added a comment. This would be foiled by users with dialup connections or other connections with dynamic IP addresses. That’s also more work for your server.

    Anyway, it’s an interesting idea.

  4. I’m with you Paul, I never saw / see any Google ads Why?

    Only problem is, the developers at Google are smart and will find a way to circumvent Adblock’s effectiveness eventually.